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Somatic Movement Class
Wednesdays at 6pm

Here at Arkaya Shakti, we believe that we all deserve the opportunity to slow down and unwind from the fast pace of life!  Body Temple Dance is  hour class dedicated to unwinding, shaking, and surrendering the body.  We will partake in gentle movement, somatic/flow writing (bring your journal), a guided meditation and connecting to the divine feminine. Join us for a time of healing and community. 
Love offerings are appreciated-never expected!  This is meant to bring community and nourishment. 
We look forward to serving you! 
Location: The Grove at Sacred Ground-2950 King Ave Billings Montana
Please bring:* Comfortable clothes*Anything that will provide you comfort (yoga mat-pillows-bolsters-blankets)*Journal and pen
💫This class is Donation/love offering based

Somatics & Classes: About

Work one on one with Katherin

1:1 Somatic Immersion 

BTD 1:1 Somatic Movement Immersion 

This offering is about you and your somatic journey.  Our 1:1 time will follow the Body Temple Dance phases.  Because the experience is about your depth-we will work with softening and listening/naming sensations as they rise in your nervous system.  Working with your body as she speaks.  We will work with the divine feminine, the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and tender wisdom of Mother Earth.

1:1 Somatic sessions are in person and  held inside Katherin’s office at Sacred Grounds Healing Studio 2950 King Ave Billings MT

Immersion Packages

4 - 1:1

Price till March 31st


April 1st 


6- 1:1  

Price till March 31st


April 1st


*payment plans available*

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Somatics & Classes: Welcome

Sweet Surrender

Presented by: Arkaya Shakti Wellness & Ayurveda, LLC and Silver Sage Sounds

Join us for this 2 hour immersive experience of slowing down, honoring, and connecting to your body. 

You will be guided through the wisdom and importance of Ayurvedic self massage and taken on a magical journey of sound bath meditation.


Where: The Grove at Sacred Grounds-2950 King Ave. 

Please bring:

🔹A hydrating beverage 

🔹A yoga mat or blanket to sit on

🔹2 towels to place under you for Abhyanga. 

🔹Pillows/bolster for comfort 


🔸Please bring anything that will provide you comfort for our sound bath meditation🔸

All are welcome!  Please wear shorts and a tank top-there are bathrooms to change clothes if needed.

Sesame oil will be provided for self massage.  Warm towels will also be provided post sound bath to wipe any excess oil from your skin.

Investment: $25 per person 

Space is limited! Registration and payment is required.  Please RSVP for Sweet Surrender with Katherin at (406)-672-7948.  Payments must be made via Venmo. 

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Somatics & Classes: Services
Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Body Temple Dance Testimonials

Somatics & Classes: Testimonials

Katherin’s somatic class is unlike anything I’ve gone to before. She has a very unique ability to blend the sacred with the simple reality we all find ourselves in our bodies. She’s relatable, has sensitive yet powerful leadership, and is able to have her message and movement spread around the room like a love contagion. It’s one of the most fun classes I’ve ever been to, and I truly mean that. It’s the perfect class for new practitioners and seasoned somatic enthusiasts alike. Katherin has the warmest invitation to bring us back home to our bodies. I hope you answer the call.

Tay D

I was able to have a wonderful experience today with Kathrin.  It was a wonderfully relaxing and energizing experience!  It was great to be led thru techniques that gave me the ability to get my body’s energy cleared out and moving better than it has in n a long time!  I especially loved the rhythmic movement and being able to just express myself and release the stress and pent up stagnant energy.

Beth E

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