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Meet Katherin

Owner & Practitioner of Arkaya Shakti

Katherin has always been drawn to helping others. Working in the Western medical system for over a decade, she first was drawn to nursing. She studied pre-nursing at MSU-B but slowly that desire shifted and she began to dive into Eastern modalities of healing. Katherin discovered her dharma in Ayurveda, holistic bodywork, and a voice to empower others.  Her hearts desire is to share the gospel of love and healing through the lens of Ayurveda. 

"Arkaya Shakti is an extension of my heart and service. I strive to create a safe and nourishing space for all.  I want those I serve to feel heard, seen, and loved"

-Katherin Amelia 


*Ayurvedic Consultant|Over 500 Hours

*Marma Therapy|2020


*AMTA member

*Reiki Practitioner|2021

*Body Temple-Somatic Immersion|2021

Meet Katherin & Kalli Mae: About
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Meet Katherin & Kalli Mae: Imprint

Kalli Mae

Katherin's partner in service

Kalli Mae enjoys walks, going to doggy day care, and a relaxing day in taking naps.  More than anything, she loves going to work!  Kalli Mae graduated from an advanced training program through K-9 Off the Leash.  She currently comes to the office of Arkaya Shakti on Saturdays and Sundays.  Kalli Mae will slowly transition to being in the office minimum 4 days per week. 

If you are allergic to dogs, please contact Katherin at (406)-672-7948.  Katherin will assist you in finding another body-worker to meet your needs.

Meet Katherin & Kalli Mae: Welcome
Meet Katherin & Kalli Mae: Image
Meet Katherin & Kalli Mae: Image
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